Why You Deserve a Manicure and a Pedicure

It’s another boring night and you’re at home clipping your toenails, or putting polish on your finger nails, or removing the polish you put on but didn’t like.

It can be annoying work, sometimes prone to painful clips that get a little too close to the skin, but it’s a necessity. After all, as nice as a professional manicure and pedicure are, they’re an unnecessary extravagance, right? A manicure/pedicure is not as expensive as you might believe, and you should take the time to get one professionally done, because you deserve it. Here’s why.

You Deserve to be Healthy

A proper beauty salon or spa, like Chez La Beauté, will always use disinfected tools to ensure there’s no risk of harm to the client. On top of that a skilled manicurist will ensure that no clip ever gets too close, cuts skin, or otherwise causes you pain. A professional pedicure, in turn, will be one where your toenails are trimmed in a way that will ensure no ingrown toenails form.

You Deserve to be Beautiful

Bright, gorgeous nails are an important sign of attractiveness. They’re a signpost that says that you are willing to put in the effort to take care of yourself. Why leave that in amateur hands, when you can have a proficient specialist maximize the aesthetic appeal of your nails.

You Deserve to be Happy

There’s just something about clean and crisp nails done just the way you like. It makes you feel good just glancing down and seeing them shining there in the light. Getting a manicure and pedicure is more than just getting your nails done right – it’s also a way to turn a boring chore into a moment to be pampered. The happiness you’ll get from the luxury of being attended to might be worth it all by itself.

However you might rank the above in importance a manicure and a pedicure is best done by professionals. Come to Chez La Beauté where on top of ordinary manicures and pedicures we also offer shellac and gel polishes and paraffin treatments to better protect your nails. Visit us. You deserve it.